Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Fall TV, Not Falling For Anything New

After looking through the list of incoming shows, I'm watching none of them.  I don't care for situation comedies, that leaves out quite a few things. 

The Orville--gack, a spoof.  I really never like spoofs.  They're never so clever as they think.

Star Trek Discovery.  I'd watch, glued to the set as I've always been for Star Trek, but for the gated- behind-a-charge of 5.99 a month for a single show.  Not even for Star Trek.  I'm not reading about it, or perusing reviews, except lightly to get a feel for its reception, in case someday it is released into the wild.  Then I'll catch up. 

There are several teen angst Marvel type shows, but just watching the commercials gives me angst. 

Luckily a few of my favorites from last season made it to the fall lineup.  Gotham, Lucifer, Designated Survivor and Lethal Weapon are all off to a good start.  Van Helsing comes back this week, though I often have to watch it through my fingers, yow, its a gory show.  Somehow the title character has grown on me though and I'm rooting for her to get her daughter back.

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