Tuesday, October 3, 2017


I forgot about the new season of Survivor!  I don't watch any season with "returning players", but it's all new folks this time around.  No one is living up to their Healers vs Heroes vs Hustlers tribes in my book, maybe they'll emerge.

I love the fact that despite the fact that players are all now "super fans" and know the game inside and out, they can't resist being who they are under the hood for even the first three days of the show.  It's almost as though people are a little cocky and see themselves as far more than they are.  A few see themselves as less, but they're almost always wrong too.  The show remains a great revealer of human nature.

That said, the first person out was an Olympic swimmer!  How useful would she be in all of the swimming challenges, and couldn't she have coached others who weren't as confident.  What an asset to toss out the door because she was older than the average, and relegated to the "mommy squad" right off.

The truly foolish thing is that the other "mommy" Chrissy Hofbeck could have saved Katrina with a Secret Advantage, and gotten her own self off the bottom of the pack.  Now she has no advantage and is still the first easy picking choice for the younger crowd to vote out.  Brilliant!

There are quite a few interesting players this time around, my favorite being 98 lb weakling Ryan Ulrich, a Bellhop!   Loads of personality, so far all good personality.  Hang in there Ryan and stay cool.

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