Friday, February 20, 2009

Survivor Tocantins Episode 2 Catfight!

I took my notebook down to watch the show and the first note I made was:

Candace Cannon Fodder!!!

Sure enough! She was a tough physical competitor but socially she really needed to be a lot more mellow. It was a big mistake to go against the oily but apparently influential "Coach" so early on. She really had to make sure she had lots of allies. I had her on my "Survivors" list and poof she goes down. Oh oh. It did surprise me to see whiny Erinn vote against her though. If "Coach" is getting people popped for poor attitude, then Erinn is next. *shudder*

I also noted "Stephen=Dork" Man where did they get this guy? Has he ever watched the show?

Sierra, who I wrote off based on her bio and her picture (waif like) has really proven to be a tough and determined competitor. She needs to bond with the others in the group though or she is toasty.

Taj: Big mistake for her to say she is a famous football player's wife. However just on her own I just love her. She has the best personality and attitude. She's working the social game and the psychological game and she was right in there physically competing in the "basketball" competition. Cool lady! I hope she stays in the game.

Brandon really is working the entrepreneurial angles. He's going to be a wealthy man someday, however he does on Survivor.

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