Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Online Drawing Tools

I confess I miss 23 Things and More on a Stick already. There were so many sites to explore and possibilities for creating interesting things. My tricksy mind works in mysterious ways (ask anyone) and I thought hmmm there are cartooning tools, could there be online drawing tools? Yes indeed.

I found a site called Ag Design that has an article with dozens of inventive drawing tools.

These often work like Microsoft Paint does, giving you a variably sized stylus and color palette. The example below drawn by my shaky looking hand is from In addition to the simple drawing tool, you can replay the creation of the drawing, undo strokes, or email your creation off to some poor schmuck.

Pretend you wanted to tell an online story with simple drawings or maps. A baseball or other sports coach could draw out sample plays or show where mistakes where made.

Too useful for words, I know.


This uses one of those Google Map Mashups, mark places on your map and write notes right on the map.


This is fun! You draw in a small drawing box and flickr images that "match", sort of, what you drew come up. I tried a few things such as a dog and a tree that the program didn't see as those things. See here that my stylized cat was recognized at least a couple of times. I don't know what it is thinking for the other results.


Whether you can draw or not, Scribbler adds pencil effects and makes your sketch look classy.

Go forth and sketch!

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