Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Navigator Trilogy by Eoin McNamee

The Navigator

Owen is forced to follow in his dead father's footsteps as a "Navigator" someone who can help a hidden group called the "Resisters" stop the deadly "Harsh" from causing time to flow backwards. With little knowledge, and the guidance of his new friends, Owen seeks to keep time from being destroyed. Lots of great characters in this one. Cati, Doctor Diamond, the Sub-Commandant, Pieta and the Raggies just spring to life from their long sleep to fill the pages with adventure. The human traitor Johnston with his love of opera, junk, and his total devotion to evil is a great villainous creation.

The City of Time

Owen, Cati and Dr. Diamond travel to Hadima, the City of Time, to find out how to get a new supply of time for their dying world. Packed with unusual characters and one of the most bizarre road trips ever, the City of Time is full of action. Hadima, the City of Time, is a grand and mysterious creation.

The Frost Child

The answers to the mystery of the Harsh are in this third volume. Earth is recovering from the loss of time and the moon being shifted out of its orbit. The Harsh launch a final and direct assault against the Resisters and earth. Although all loose ends are tied up, Owen's wanderings on the Wayfarer, while interesting and key to the plot's resolution seemed like padding in the story, and broke the tension of the impending Harsh attack. I also really, really was not happy at the sudden turn in the relationship between Cati and Owen. After all they'd been through, suddenly blah blah they're just friends and someone else steps out of the background and becomes their love interest. Nope. Doesn't work at all.

The series as a whole is great for anyone who likes time travel, interesting characters, strange inventions, and journeys to places beyond imagination.

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