Wednesday, June 17, 2009

More Things on a Stick: Thing 42 Music 2.0


I chose the Classic Rock category first and a group I don't care for cropped up. Gave it the thumbs down. I'm all social now. So a group I like is next but a song I don't care for. I "bookmarked" the group. The next few are more awful songs so I figured out how to skip them. Oops!

Unfortunately our music licenses force us to limit the number of songs you may skip. If you want to hear something else, try creating another station starting with a different artist or song.

Hmmmm. So I try Rock n Roll and get nailed on the skippy thing right off. British Invasion? No luck. Pop/ Hair metal???? What on earth is hair metal? Scary sounding but not so bad as "stoner/doom metal". Eeek.

I decide to "Create a New Station". I use John Fogerty, and Pandora finds me someone "like" John Fogerty and they give an analysis of Fogerty's style I wasn't quick enough to write down. They present Down on the Corner by John Fogerty! Boy they can really analyze. Then they branch out and give me a listen to "Proud Mary" by Creedence Clearwater Revival! This program is eerily good!

They branch out EVEN MORE and present "Take it Easy" by the Eagles. I actually like this song though I don't think it is stylistically anything like John Fogerty. So I give it the thumbs up, glad I didn't run into the skippy thingie again.

You have to listen to an entire song or you are a bad doggie and are SKIPPING. The beat goes on, they're offering me more John Fogerty. Life is good and I'm no doubt developing a musical profile that just doesn't quit.

I went to Ebsco Master File and read this article: Pack, T. (2008, May). Pandora Lets Users Create Online Radio Stations. Information Today, 25(5), 38-39. Retrieved June 17, 2009, from MasterFILE Premier database for some background on Pandora. I can see that they are trying to be pleasing and analyze your musical tastes and only present to you songs that fit in with what they have found to be "songs with interesting musical similarities to your choice"

I see what they're trying to do, but I do not understand why they make you listen to an entire song, and don't just let you pick titles or artists and go from there. I definitely don't understand the "skippy" thing. is the other musical choice in this Thing and I looked at that in a previous Thing.

If you do develop a nice list, you could theoretically share your "station" full of brilliant selections.

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