Tuesday, June 16, 2009

More Things on a Stick Thing 38: Screencasting

So...I tried the screencast-o-matic and saved it to my desktop. My accompanying brilliant audio does not seem to have been recorded. The visual steps I took are here though, so, perhaps with some tweaking to get the audio I could have a grand new secondary career creating silly but useful tutorials.

I tried ScreenToaster and am still waiting for a confirmation email from them. here we go! And voila, the audio worked. Plug your ears :)

I Downloaded Jing and successfully did a short video, again no sound. They have a multi-step process for posting the capture which I can't do in the time I have this morning.

I checked my headset sound playback in the Control Panel and it is fine, though I sound really wierd. Oh well. Onward.

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