Sunday, June 28, 2009

World's Ugliest Dog, Isn't He a Cutie?

In lighter news, who knew there was a "world's ugliest dog" contest? This year's winner is Pabst, a rescued boxer with some serious need of dental work, or something.
Actually he is pretty cute, and the teeth poking out kind of look like he is giving a very gruff smile. Or...somebody stole his blankie.

He really is a cutie compared to the other entrants.

Another site I came across this week, while we're being cheered by canines is Dogster It has information on dog breeds and adoption, plus it has forums where you can share doggy information and tales. I found others there who were asking about beagles and their pulling ways. I felt vindicated to know that the Gentle Leader harnesses don't fit anybody elses beagles either. The medium is too big and the small is too tiny. And that is just the sort of thing that would be helpful. Ah well.

For even more doggy information try the American Kennel Club site.

Hug your sweet doggie today!

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