Wednesday, June 17, 2009

More Things On a Stick Thing 43: Online TV and Video

After my twitchy experience with Pandora, I'm pleased to report I liked Hulu very much. I think it gives the viewer a chance to try out a show they might not have had the chance to see, and at their leisure.

I saw "Fringe" in the Science Fiction category (category searching another plus), highly recommended by staff here but I planned to wait for the DVD. Now I can take a look at it and see what I think. It looks like the earlier episodes from the season aren't available, just episode 10 on. Still, I could get a feel for whether I liked it or not.

You can search movies too, and look! They have The Crawling Hand starring Peter Breck!


Joost offers another series I missed, Babylon5. This was not a series you could jump into in the middle. I see the pilot is there. Fun.

These services both have commercials but they are brief. You can also tag and favorite and review on Joost so there's the 2.0 aspect. Joost also allows you to tie into your Facebook account and let people know what your're watching at any given time, tossing out comments as you go.

Hulu has most watched and most popular categories so they're not quite so tuned in, as it were.

I'll be exploring both of these more on my own.

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