Sunday, June 14, 2009

More Things on a Stick Thing 37: Photo Tales

A Walk through Muir Woods March 2009

Well, the music really blares and there's no choice that I saw. The slides are cut off on this blog style, but all in all, sort of nice fades and presentation.

Here is another look at Muir Woods from Slide Create:

Rock You

Yikes had to pull this one! It blasted the song as soon as you loaded my blog yowie.
The advantage of this site is that the musical selections are going to be pleasing for the younger set. I wish it had some editing ability. Also, I could only get three of my original photos to display. I put in another set of just four photographs and it worked fine.


I had considerable trouble getting Collagr to take the url for my flickr photo. I wanted to use the full set of 12 pictures but it wouldn't let me. So here is a lovely spread of Doggie D.O.A...or not. Hmm just the code appears...ok tried again and used the mini-embed code and voila. So this could be a striking tool on a web page or flyer or brochure.

SlideRocket looks slick and professional. When I have more time I'd like to try it out for some sort of tutorial.


This one could use a much nicer caption balloon or something than shows on their page! Wait a minute..where did the caption go? It didn't copy with the picture, yikes. If "Captioner" had actually put the caption in, it would read:

The Bunny ate my shoe!


roflbot did not want to use the photographs I tried from my computer. My guess is they are the wrong picture formatting though this site does not give you an informational error message, it merely says the picture didn't work, try another.

Caption Bubble

The whole page doesn't show up in this particular blog layout. Unlike some pictures, you can't click on the picture to see the whole thing, clicking just takes you to Caption Bubble's home page. On the plus side this site is not particular about picture type, so if you're using something manageable in size this might be a useful site for you. This is one site that would not let me use Print Screen to copy the picture into Microsoft Paint where I could crop it.

Create your own caption


I had no idea what I was getting into on this one agh. They wanted to make a mosaic of 200-400!!!! of your Flickr photos. Like I have that many on there. So, it would let me use everybody's pictures, and I chose flowers. I had to be picky though and look like some nut through 36+ pages of photos to just find ones I liked. I didn't want bees, butterflies or other insectile creatures, and surely not the giant head of some stranger that appeared in many photos. Ya ya I know its their pictures but hey back back back. Anywho, they say they'll email me the picture. Can't wait.

The front or "master" picture I chose was a purple Russell Lupine. You can almost make out that shape if you look hard. These mosaics might work with a more distinctly outlined subject, but it takes alot of photographs and effort for a just an ok result. I see that posters of your mosaic are available. Perhaps in that larger format some of the tiny photographs that comprise the mosaic might show up more.


Animoto does a unique mix of your photos and it syncs them to music they make available on their site. It then presents it as what looks like a short video. It is frustrating to use in some ways, because it does not always "see" the pictures that are on my computer, and it doesn't "see" all of the pictures that I load on Flickr either. This may be a file size issue, but the program is not helpful enough to give you any sort of message that lets you know why you're not getting the pictures you want to include. Highly annoying! Nonetheless, from the pictures of my father that I could get Animoto to load and use, here is a photo collage of my father, in life sequence, you can see how short his story was by how young he was in those last photographs.

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