Saturday, June 13, 2009

More Things On A Stick Thing 36: Comic Relief

Another fine Thing! I am going to make the deadline of the 20th on these Things. I can cram for a test with the best of them.

The email icon generator

Let's see if the "send money to me/you just won a billion click here to claim it" email boneheads find me again with this icon. Just how how smart are those crawler programs, we ask?

Free Password Generator? That is really not smart. But here is the fine one it generated for me "yVeXAg8p". Steal it for yourself if you need to.

The Phonetic Password Generator offers this oh so pronouncable and memorable password for me "soocuiga". Say that five times in a row real fast and it is yours.

PDF Online

This was very quick and slick. I used a text only Word Document and it sent it to my email very quickly. No sign up or anything. Very cool.

Read Poster

Muhahaha my sister :)

Big Huge Labs Movie Poster

Make your own headlines

Wufoo Form Maker

I wish there were more than the three forms for free but I suppose they just want you to see how it works. I found the interface a little difficult and was uninspired to find a form to create so no example here. I can see lots of uses for libraries in having a simple form creator, especially one that might be used for on the web form.

Tag Clouds!

I could not get the Tag Cloud Generator to produce a tag cloud for me at all. All I got was a white box that said "urlaub" in it.

TagCrowd, however, produced a nice cloud with no problems.

created at


A cloud from my gardening blog.

TimeToast Timeline Maker

This could be valuable for school kids and genealogists and anyone seeking to make a simple timeline. I've wanted to make one for family history purposes and looked at using Microsoft Excel as the software but this is nicely done and you can add a picture for each timeline item(though I don't see the picture I thought I added). You will definitely want to have your dates in hand before you begin.

Tiny Tags

This makes for a nice little accent sign, doesn't it? Or a topic header.

The Bridge Hand Generator

I include this sample because my husband, aka "The Bridge King" would enjoy it.

Webicon that's adorable.

I took a peek at the text to movie. I did not sucessfully become Speilberg.

I've done alot of cartooning and prefer Toonlet, Toondoo and Bitstrips. I'll add a toon here if I am inspired, if not just look through my blog, it is riddled with cartoons.

Me as a Dewey Number (I used my real name this time, to get the result, though I cleverly replaced it in the html)

DOA's Dewey Decimal Section:

761 Relief processes (Block printing)

DOA = 2125445 = 212+544+5 = 761

700 Arts & Recreation

Architecture, drawing, painting, music, sports.

What it says about you:
You're creative and fun, and you're good at motivating the people around you. You're attracted to things that are visually interesting. Other people might not always understand your taste or style, but it's yours.

Find your Dewey Decimal Section at

The Excuse Maker (very handy) I chose self-loathing. Now there's an excuse!

I am an insect, fit only to be squashed. You've reminded me-- oh, it cuts me to the quick-- that I have never thanked you for the Christmas gift. It would be better than I deserve for you to drop me like a maggotty corpse. Say the word, and I will bite glass in apology.

Blog Prompts

Which of the generators seems most useful to you? Many of these can be put to creative use in signage, or Powerpoint presentations, on web pages.

How have you used generators in your library or elsewhere? I've used them on my blog. Our library is in the middle of a self-defining process and these generators do not yet fit the general image we are looking for, is my guess.

How was your experience with the comic generating sites? Can you see any use for a library comic in your work? I think we could use comics as teaching tools, again in Powerpoints and on our web site.

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