Thursday, June 18, 2009

More Things on a Stick Thing 44: The Economy

I was not inspired to use cartoons in Thing 36 "Comic Relief" but this economic Thing calls out for relief of some kind.

Even a non-mathematical bozoid like myself can appreciate the visual explanation of how we got to this crummy place in the article It's the Economy, Stupid! It is truly boggling to think that we could get rid of the national debt by each forking over $516,000.

The Thing about Banking 2.0


I haven't used Digg since the original 23 Things but I added this article to Digg. Digg seems to ask for more confirmations than it previously did, not only tossing up one of those encrypted text thingies that you have to re-type to prove you're human, but it also presented me with a list of articles which it thought might be similar or the same as what I was submitting. I had to confirm my Digg had not already been...dugg. The article/site itself gives tons of information on budgeting, credit and credit repair (including how to handle creditors if you've lost your job), retirement planning and how to start a small business.


The first thing this site asks for is for you to log into your bank account or credit card through Mint!

I assumed this site would let you fill in figures but no, they let their fingers do the walking through your account information. This does not seem safe or advisable.

ClearCheckbook appears to let you enter your own information, get reports, operating more like a free version of other money management software.

What Bills?
They propose taking the paper pile out of your bill paying by emailing you reminders of upcoming due dates.

Thrive not thriving today, "web page not found". This is something to think about with these helpful financial sites, they can be here today and gone tomorrow with your financial information. Tsk.

Feed the Pig!!!

Feed the pig gives sound savings tips and advice using a very strange pig in a pink suit, with piercing piggie eyes and a genuinely disturbing coin slot in the top of his head. There are also pages devoted to Tweens and Kids which use cartoon pigs so as not to frighten the wee folk.


I used Gas Buddy before leaving work last night to check on gas prices near home because I was nearly empty. This morning I was all set to get the pricing posted at my local station, only to find it was four cents more per gallon. The information appears to be volunteer/spotter added so my local spotters have been snoozing it appears. The site also gives national pricing averages in list and map form.



Blogs, tips, bargain alerts (which do not appear to be localized) and forums. The forums look reasonably active which is a good sign that the site might be valuable if you'd like to compare notes

Frugal Dad

Frugal Dad is a blog site that promotes frugality and saving. It is a surprisingly personal website as well, so don't expect dry tips. His 75 tips for surviving in this economy are practical, and his driving tips are most interesting.

Yard Sale Treasure Map

Ahoy! My mother in law would love this Google Map. Just select your area and what day you'd like to cast off for Yard/Garage sale land and a map with locations and descriptions of what's on sale is produced.

Retail Me Not

This searchable site lets you know what is on sale at your desired shopping destination. It also has printable coupon codes, but couponer beware, they also ask for users to rate their success in using the codes and many do not have good success so, I'm picturing you have to be the type of person who can blow on in to the store and demand satisfaction with your coupon or code.

Fat Wallet

Fat Wallet seems to be a site that lists deals and sales, sort of one stop shopping. It has a coupon search feature as well, but without success comments/ratings.


Mad City Chickens

If you are able to have chickens in your yard, this is the place for information on coops, feeding, growing, tending chickens of all sorts. The coops and chickens looked so nice I checked to see if my city allows these little feathery little cuties. I would never be able to do the chickens in, though, so we'd best not go down that path. My veggie garden this year will have to sustain us.


I liked the three recommended sites for information on local gardening. The garden forum would be especially useful because we do have some unusual growing conditions here and it is nice to be able to ask about what we can grow and how best to grow it, Minnesota style. I would recommend these companies as well for those wishing to start an herb or vegetable garden.

Burpee Vegetable seeds and supplies

The Cook's Garden Seeds, tools, recipes

Edible landscaping Fruit trees and shrubs

John Scheepers Kitchen Garden Seeds Flower, vegetable and herb seeds

Thompson & Morgan Vegetable and herb seeds, garden tools, seed starting supplies

Totally Tomatoes Vast variety of tomatoes and peppers.

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