Friday, June 19, 2009

More Things on a Stick Thing 45: Cloud Computing

I read the two articles on cloud computing to try to get an idea of what it actually is. The second article: Could you live in the cloud? does the best job of explaining, I think.

Making a similar list for myself (and I stole some of his headings), I can do these things virtually:

1.E-mail. Already there. I can access personal and work mail from anywhere. If I switch to the more robust gmail account I created, I can have some calendaring and document access as well. I am thankful that I do not generally take my work home or anywhere else with me so those last two are not key.

2.Web searching and bookmarking. I put alot on del.ici.ous but I still don't use it though I could. I just use my bookmarked sites for aimless browsing rather than important must have stuff so that is likely why I haven't moved to using del.ici.ous

3.Word processing. I also use Excel and Publisher for my own purposes and these are not supported virtually so a Flash Drive is still my mobility device for desktop computing and publishing.

4.Photo storage and editing. For blogging purposes the online sites are fine. I don't like the idea of my personal photos ending up with cartoon captions on someone's web site or in a document. Also, much of the work I do with photographs involves scanning files in with a scanner and then having to adapt file size and this is a problem I run into with the online sites, they don't like the file size or who knows what and I do not have the equipment necessary out in the clouds to correct that on the fly. I do appreciate however how simple some of the photo editing software is to use, especially Picnik.

5. Blogging This one is doable anytime anywhere. Mostly done at home sweet home however.

So, I can do much of my computing virtually, but I am lucky and do not spend my life on the road for my job and in my off time I am not doing work related Things, except this.

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