Friday, June 19, 2009

More Things on a Stick Thing 46: Webjunction Minnesota

I looked at this during the first 23 Things and am digging to find my password for it..stay tuned.

It looks like I did not create an account last year after all, so I created a new one. I sent a friend request to the space guy featured on the front page and I actually found someone in our metro-ey web to ask for friending as well. Social me 101, 102 and 103...

In the online courses area I was pleased to see two Outlook courses which would be most useful to me since I read and send messages only with it like a common luddite. Hopefully one or so of these will make me the uber user I might be.

I looked at the Groups Page and Book Discussions. It doesn't look like there is alot of discussion, but the potential is there. I looked at the MN Destiny User Group as prompted. There look to be only three threads and not much discussion there at all. An active forum is going to have dozens of threads and posts within those threads. This part of Web Junction apparently needs more promotion.

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