Friday, July 31, 2009

Mystery Authors on Twitter list now on a wiki

I have had more hits on my Mystery, Suspense and Thriller authors post from way back in March of this year than anything else.

It really needed a better format and easier way to update. I've have been trying alot of things in order to get a Table with the information in it in this blog, and none really worked well. I had in mind that wiki might provide a better platform for it, and it was a matter of finding a wiki format that I could actually use effectively. I really wanted to use a table because of the tidy columns and rows which could be labeled and not be just a long scrolling list.

Luckily, somewhere back in the dim reaches of my Internet wanderings I had created a wiki with Wikispaces. I took a look at its tutorial page and it looked easy to create and add to a table. So voila! I created a new wiki, which I intend to use for booklists and other information I create and would like to add to and update over time.

Here then is the new page for Mystery, Suspense and Thriller authors on Twitter. I welcome any additions. You can comment here or I think just click on Notify Me right on the wiki and I'll add the author in. Happy Reading!

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