Saturday, June 9, 2012

D.O.A. Week in Review

Stoopid iPad.  See what a mess? I'm going to leave it this way as a cautionary note.  When I wrote it there were spaces between paragraphs and no odd replacement words.  bah.

That juicy semi-regular feature makes another appearance, yay! Did you know that blogs are supposed to be sort of online diaries? Ya. My longest question of the week was an ebook question, no surprise. It is always hard to help people troubleshoot tech questions by phone, and in the case of ebooks you are really in trouble because not only can't you see what is on their screen, you don't actually know the device well yourself. Blind leading the blind indeed. Still, I patiently helped her work through. She even asked how I could be so patient at one point. I assured her if the device was in my hand I would be saying bad words and thinking of pounding on it, but since it was miles away no problemo. Kids are gearing up big time for summer reading. Rick Riordan's books seem like the favorite again so far. Hot hot weather for the garden and not so much rain, so I'm out watering the veggies and annuals twice a day. They seem happy. My celery looks fine, and my tomatoes are lush so if those picky guys are happy all must be well. The Little Marvel peas seem happy enough though some I purchased as plants rather than growing from seed are all wilty. Very pleased with another successful dungeon run with my tank. Since Mr. D.O.A. Was interested in going in with her I went random and got Wailing Caverns. I feared I would get lost, but I hit all the marks. There was a Worgen paladin being an utter turkey, stealing aggro, rolling need on everything, not letting some poor hunter try to tame a beastie. I was trying to boot him when he left. I have had trouble in each dungeon with some galoot trying to outdo my tank and I am thinking it is an epeen thing...they don't want to be shown up by a pink pigtailed gnome. Poof, I say. Ready for my next book, and I have a grand pile but I really want to read Charlie Higson's the Fear next, just available in the U.S. the library doesn't own it so must order it. Blah blah blah. Pictures to be added later. Writing on my dingly iPad.

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