Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Noble Gnome

I finally got my Warrior to level 15 and gave her all of the armor, potions scrolls and jewelry I could make.  I have never seen a Gnome tank in the dungeons but they must exist, right?  The goggles are an Engineering piece of headgear that adds to her stats.  Looks fierce too, right?

My first group was composed of bozos from bozoville.  Things happen fast but I think there were two hunters and they were the most obnoxious I think I've seen.  Just shot at everything, gave me no chance to run in and get aggro.  They're lucky I can't type fast or their eyeballs would have been singed, I say, singed.  So, I barreled on ahead while they were delicately picking up loot.  As soon as the dungeon was over I left without a word.  Smokin.

Right back in, I get a really good group, everyone does what needs doing and we zoom through.  People really should try all the roles so they see how easily you can hose things by being a dufus. 

I'll calm down tomorrow.  I really stressed over doing well at this particular role, and I think I did everything right but yo.

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