Friday, June 1, 2012

D.O.A. Week in Review

Yet another semi-regular feature you'll never see again!  I am sooo funny.

Tidbits from the real live week of D.O.A.!

Our library's Facebook page featured a local girl who had won in the Letters about Literature competition.  The old idea of writing to your favorite author and telling them how their book changed them or made them think is turned into a unique set of letters from kids of all ages.  Some of them are so touching, including that of our local girl.  Take a look at the Winning Letters tab.

The CAT, owned by my son but living with us for the nonce continues to charm.  He thinks he is such a mighty hunter out in the yard.  Inside the house, I am eternally grateful to see NO SPIDERS or any other bugs.  Part of me regrets to report he eats them after he kills them.

I've been meaning to share this Shakespearean rendition of The Three Little Pigs for awhile:

38 Studios, that grand and glorious place of wonder, hubris and undaunted imagination went under.  I could not be more surprised and saddened.  I've seen many game studios come and go but these guys had so much going for them. In my heart they are still where they started, as the unbelievably cool Green Monster Games.  I'm hoping they can find investors and find their way out of the mess they're in.

I helped a lady at Eagan's reader bar with her Nook this week.  It really helped me to help her walk through the process, and thank goodness she had her laptop with her.  Having the Nook so tied to a particular pc (and in this case horror of horrors a MAC) is a real pain when you're trying to help someone work through the process.

It doesn't help me at all to "practice" on the eBook devices or read tipsheets or anything unless I've helped someone through the steps myself.  If I see the actual steps and what happens when you take them, see the messages that pop up, see where to find the dang books on your pc and then on your device (not so easy as you'd think!) then I can see the process in my mind next time I do it.   I wrote down the basics for myself as soon as we were done and now I can help anyone much more effectively.  I hope!  Visual learner city.

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