Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Dungeon Report

I created new characters on a new server in a grand experiment to send them all into dungeons (something I have never done with my "real" characters).  I wanted to do it because I hadn't tried it and I thought backing up and slowly really learning the classes might benefit me.

All but three of the ten have been dungeon diving.  Only one has been an unsuccessful disaster, and that is my Holy Paladin, who was booed and hissed out of every other dungeon she went into.  Changed her finally to a Retribution Paladin like my main Paladin, sent her back in and suddenly she is the eighth wonder of the world.  As my mom would say, "we are not so easily defeated".  I'm going to Dual Spec her as Holy, level up those skills a bit and dang fool send her back in as a healer.

Dungeon running has been a hoot and quite addictive.  I get alot more money and experience faster than I do questing and occassionally I get armor or weapons that really help my character.

I confess I never really understood the whole Tank thing before I did these.  I thought it was stoopid for one person to be standing around like Hercules getting all the monsters to fight them like they were some uber doggie.  Doh.  I can now see clearly how that person allows everyone else to be successful.  It is very cool, as long as everyone else plays their role well.  Many times, however, the tank is reluctant to approach the bad guys, why they go all weenie on you I can't understand, or they don't hold the aggro of the monsters and everyone goes kablooie.  Or they aggro too much and, you guessed it, everyone dies.

Healers are the most needed characters, and they get yelled at so much for the mistakes of others.  If everyone plays out their roles correctly, the healer only has to heal the tank and can pay less attention to others.  All those rogues and warriors and non-tank Paladins who want to show off just get everyone killed, while they whine why no heals?  Die suckers!

The last two who haven't been in are my Shaman and my Warrior Tank.  Really not a Shaman fan but trying to push her along.  You guessed it she is going healer but already I think she will not be able to heal fast enough or as effectively as my Priest, and just like my Paladin it will be The Hook for her when she gives it a shot.  I might as well have named her JustBootMe.   For my tank, I have a little experience tanking incidentally with my Feral Cat Druid bear and I know the dungeons by now.  Plus, she is an Engineer and has that secret weapon, Explosives.  Not sending in my Death Knight at all.

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