Monday, May 7, 2012

In the Dark Dungeons Deep, Don't let the Tank go to Sleep...

So, you may or may not recall that I played a WOW Priest to my son's warrior and it was all shield/heal shield heal...then we went into a dungeon and everyone died pretty quickly.  Everyone else was yelling at the Shaman but my son was all over his poor mom blah blah mom you only heal the tank, that's all you do blah blah.  He doesn't read this so we can go ahead and point fingers.

So, determined to go into a dungeon again, I tried one day and talk about The CONE OF SHAME.  I get in, have no idea whats going on, I'm looking at the people's character portraits and yow, everyone is gone!  I look around and behind me is a portal.  Naturally I think they must have scooted through it so I step in.  Oops!  Back in Ironforge.  No idea how to get back.  Log off real quick and hope none of them noticed my name.  That little gnome has been lying real low.

My general stock is life is also currently low so I decide ha ha, create yet another lil Priest and send her in!  I get her to level 15, give her potions with my other lowbie characters, give her a scroll of spirit to help her.  She's puny but she's GOING IN. 

I sort of like the Dungeon Finder feature, beats standing around LFG.  However, when you enter you're all piled up on top of everyone and it is really hard to locate the most honorable Tank of the Day in said pile.  Then everyone runs off.  Eek.   I read up on dungeons today, and my role, and have been reading how to use the various heals when.  Homework City.

The group had three Paladins.  I have no idea which is the tank until I notice one of them seems to have major health problems.  I start healing her.  I thought I was doing pretty well but she did die a few times.  This seemed to bake her Paladin Biscuits.  She informed me her druid can heal better.  Stinger! She admitted she wasn't too good at tanking. After completing enough of the dungeon to get the daily goodie bag, they all leave the dungeon.  I had no clue how to get out.  Luckily I figured it out.

So, in for a penny, in for a pound I get back in queue for another dungeon.  This time it seems to be a nice group with four of the players being in the same guild.  Then they start yelling at the Rogue for pulling mobs.  Then the Rogue leaves, and a Warrior pops in.  This seems to disturb our tank (they replaced her with a Prot Warrior!!!!).   Then around another corner the seemingly nice Paladin goes bonkers because the Warrior looted a cloak that had AGILITY STATS!!!!! Oh noooooo!  Bad bad warrior.  They all leave the dungeon.  The poor warrior guy says it was his first day in game and he has no idea what is going on.  My kind of guy.

Going to go in with another character, we shall see who is next on the chopping block.  Bet it would be a mistake to send in a tank.


Confession:  I totally forgot to shield the dang tank tonight at all!  Maybe that rascally ever dying Paladin might have died less often.  IDK.

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