Saturday, December 22, 2012

Man of Steel

Superman has always been my favorite super hero.  I felt sorry for him losing his family, and happy for him gaining a wonderful foster family in the Kents.  He never swayed from doing the right thing in my years of reading comics, perhaps he has been changed in recent times to something less than heroic because true heroes are too boring.

We have a new trailer.  Life is dark and grim and Jonathan Kent tells Clark he may have made a mistake saving lives in a school bus crash rather than protecting his identity. 

Superman has a beard.  ????    Tell me he rubs his hand over his face and it goes away.


I'm getting the feeling Superman is being shown as a lonely outcast.  He doesn't have the strong moral upbringing the Kents gave him.  Would that be boring?

I don't mind Superman's legend being rebooted and rewritten, but I hope they don't take away the innate decency of the character.

Bad Bad Superman Outfit, Eek!

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