Sunday, April 14, 2013

Don't Make Me Leave!!!

People love the library.  At closing some people are so snuggled down they don't want to leave. 

They ignore a half hour's worth of closing announcements. 

They give you this odd little waving away hand gesture when you remind them you're about to close and they've made no move. 

They tell you "I know" and go about their business.


Last night a girl was sitting having a jocular time with her hooves up on a chair, no shoes on, curling her toes happily in her socks.  I mention we're closing.  She nods happily.

Everyone else was out and it was past closing and Sock Girl saunters out and wants to know if she can use the restroom.  It looks like she has a change of clothes in hand.   I picture her in there changing clothes, adjusting her makeup for another ten minutes...

You should try Walmart I say.  They'll be open for quite awhile.  Ok she says.

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