Saturday, May 3, 2014

Art in Bloom at the Minneapolis Institute of the Arts

I ventured out into the world yesterday, further than Rainbow!  I have never been to the event Art in Bloom before and haven't been to the Institute in years.  I wasn't certain what to expect.

You wander through the museum and near some pictures you may find a floral arrangement that echoes in some way the painting it is sitting next to.

The arrangements might pull some colors or shapes from the paintings.  In some cases the connection was easy to see, in others, I found it difficult to see anything from the picture reflected in the bouquet.  It was agreed that much can be done with the container itself to get the arrangement off to a good start.

I appreciate art, but have no art sense, so I liked the bouquets that I felt were pretty literal interpretations of their subjects.

See the dog?

Sure you do.

Here is another favorite.  Blurry.  Was I so happy to see something so delightful I couldn't hold the camera still?  Or was it the Ginger Beer I tried at the in house cafe called the Grain Stack (which I can't call anything but the Grain Belt in my head?).  Ginger Beer is gross, I can report.  Tastes like Alka Seltzer with some of the flavor removed.  Bleh.

There was no matching arrangement, but oh the beauty of this automobile.  Why, why aren't we driving marvelous futuristic vehicles instead of the deadly dull boxy crates we have available to us?

There was a book for the exhibit which explained the art and the floral arrangements that I did not pick up ($3.00 at the door, the exhibit itself is free).  I can't tell you names of paintings or floral art.  Here are a few more I liked.

Again the blurry...

No accompanying arrangement, I just liked his face.  I dub him "Well Fed Man".  Someone, not me, commented that he looked as if he might belch at any moment.  Now that is realism.

Here's one that I thought captured the shapes and spirit of the original while not being a replica in any way.  Wonderful colors and plant textures.

I think this is a fine event for anyone.  I noticed many people were trying to figure out what particular flowers were included so gardeners were in abundance as well.

The event continues this weekend

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