Wednesday, May 7, 2014


I removed a few long-not-updated blogs from the roll and have some on my list to add.  I pondered breaking the blogs up into categories such as Books and Authors, Cooking and Baking. So inspiring!  It's a putzy thing to do though.  Will contemplate.

Added my Twitter feed below the blog roll and moved a few other things around. I actually don't Tweet much but am on a temporary roll since my husband and I are doing "Tweet Wars" this week.

Revitalized my "How to do clever things" list formerly the 23 things list.  Since they left me behind in the virtual dust with their new Thing (I couldn't do it not being affiliated with a library anymore) I thought I'd best (sniff) leave them behind as well.

Need to freshen the place up big time.  Maybe more beagle pictures would do it.

Or... more of my baking experiments.  I tried an oven baked stew last week that was just monstrous.  Couldn't eat more than a bite or two. That bad.  Luckily for you I didn't photograph it. (Shudder).

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