Wednesday, May 11, 2016

A Bozo By Any Other Name

Logging into Facebook this morning, a message popped up saying they want to confirm that I am indeed Librariandoa, and that this is the Real World name I would like to continue using. Scan in a document confirming name and date of birth which matches what is in my profile, and I can continue my merry FB existence.

If I do not, it's Lockout Time.  Facebook is SUCH a secure platform!  Of course I'll give them my Driver's License and maybe Birth Certificate, just so they know it's me!  Needless to say, I'll be leaving my snuggly FB community, so sad, but nope on the ID.

Note:  Busy, Busy.  I've copied my Friends List and am looking to see who is on Twitter, a service I've never liked, but I can keep up with my favorite authors and TV shows there. 

Grumpy Twitter note:  There should be a way to make "Re-Tweets" invisible. There are so many Re-tweets clogging up the feed with information I'm not interested in.  Bleh, Twitter, I say bleh.

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