Wednesday, January 10, 2018

DOA On TV: Short Takes

Welcome to Binge season.  We're still in the mid-season doldrums where most fall shows haven't returned.  Some nights you just want to zone in front of the lighted box and be entertained.

This Is Us (NBC)

First we binged Season 1 and the first half of Season 2 "This Is Us".   Totally not a genre show.  Completely the sort of "watch and weep" show my mother used to live on.  Even so, it is smart, well written, with what I call "zingers" in every episode.  Each episode is packed.  The characters appear in their past and present incarnations.  The child actors in the past and present are spectacular.  Everyone is so likeable.    The show returned for live episodes this week and we're in heaven.

Blindspot (NBC)

This has had good buzz since it came out and I wanted to to start with episode 1 season 1 but it wasn't working out for me to do so. So I tried episode one of season 3.

I only liked the main character "Jane Doe" played by Jaimie Alexander.   Everyone else was annoying.  The deal breaker was Sullivan Stapleton as Jane's love Kurt Weller.   OMG.  The closeups of his mouth and that askew tooth on the bottom.  Shudder.  Nope.

The Good Place (NBC)

Lots of authors I enjoy speak highly of The Good Place.  Though it is a sitcom, which I never watch anymore, I watched the first season.   Somehow, though Kristin Bell's character was a truly awful human being, she seemed to improve somewhat over the course of the season.  Redemption is good.  Not a fan of Manny Jacinto's slacker Jason Mendoza character, but loved William Jackson Harper's Chidi immediately, and Jameela Jamil's Tahani grew on me.   Ted Danson's Michael, always interesting.   The characters from The Bad Place were a hoot.    I wasn't going to watch season 2, but now I want to.  It isn't on Netflix where I watched season 1 so will have to track it down.

Travelers (Netflix)

Time travel of a sort.  The Travelers are from the future.  I've only seen the first few episodes.  They take over the consciousness of current day people seconds before the death of those people.  In theory their bodies are back in the future, but for the nonce they're in the current day trying to stop various disasters.  Odd communications come from The Director back in the future via short takeovers of children and others who spit out a message then return to themselves.   There are a vast number of teams of five Travelers sent back with missions to accomplish.   I liked all of these characters immediately, so whatever they're up to, I'm rooting for them.

Agents of Shield  (ABC)

Back for their new season in December, they're having another great season.  They're in the future somehow where earth has been all but destroyed, and a small gritty society ruled by Kree overlords makes for misery.   Great stories and acting from everyone.

X-Files  (Fox)

This season isn't starting off strong, last weeks opener had me not paying much attention.   I'm not crazed about the Scully /Smoking Man twist, but I don't believe anything he says, so perhaps that's why.   Hopefully better tonight.

The Librarians   (TNT)

They're having a great season with super creative episodes.   The episode "And the Silver Screen" where Baird and Flynn get trapped in an old movie was hilarious.   One of their best ever episodes.

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  1. Thanks for your thoughts on these shows! I just finished, finally, Mad Men, so I'm ready for something new.