Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Red Heart Stylish Stripes Scarf (With Modifications)

I was shopping for some Red Heart Soft Essentials yarn which was on sale. One of the wrappers featured the Stylish Stripes Scarf,    https://www.redheart.com/files/patterns/pdf/LW5480-Stylish-Stripes-Scarf-Free-Crochet-Pattern.pdf    which look big and wide and snuggly.

I didn't care for the colors featured in the original:

(Seafoam, Navy, Cream, Charcoal)

I bought instead 2 balls each Peony, White and Misty Rose.

While I followed the pattern as it switched between Double Crochet/Half Double Crochet (my first try with this stitch), I didn't change colors as they did.  I had three rows of the Peony to begin, then alternated two rows each of my three colors.

Here it is, sans the fringe which I've never done before and haven't attempted yet.  This is my first ever scarf, so slowly, slowly!

 I considered not doing a fringe at all, but the ends are a little uneven and it would mask that, plus it will likely look just a bit more finished and stylish with one.

It only took a few days.  I'm glad I've decided to hop between projects.   How nice to have a smaller project that can be completed and worn.

This pattern is really pleasant to work on, and it could easily be made into a throw or afghan by continuing the rows.

The Red Heart Essentials is super soft and silky, with a pretty sheen.

Oops it looks like I took my pictures from the back of the scarf.   That's why you see that blobby spot in the center.  Tsk.

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