Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Monthly Wrapup

One of my goals for the month was eight posts, which if done consistently, will give me the desirable 100 posts for the year.  This post makes eight for January!

I seem to have written mostly about crochet this month, but I'm still dreaming of crochet most nights (no more aircraft) so it's on my mind.

I should be organizing my seeds from last year and making out orders for this year.  There was supposed to be a cool post by me about how I used this method of storing seeds and I even have the pocket pages and the little plastic seed holders (Ordered from from Amazon as the author did) , but zzzzz.   I have this suspicion  I don't want to cut up my seed packets to make them fit into the slots.  Some companies like Botanical Interests actually have packets that are small works of art.

February (less than an hour away) is National Embroidery Month, and I'm getting geared up for that.  I binge bought a bunch of pink shades of embroidery thread today in anticipation.  Don't tell my husband.

I hoped to try a bunch of new recipes this month, but I've been skating by on standard recipes all month long.

Let's hope for a tastier February!

Sincerely, Librariandoa

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