Saturday, June 30, 2018

The Garden This Week

I did quite a bit of work in the garden this week, and wanted to highlight things  in bloom and things I loved this week.



Jamie's Lillies

White Snapdragon

Begonia "Bossa Nova White"


Asparagus Fern

Morning Glory Flying Saucer


Mexican Sour Gherkins in a tub.  Plant first where you envision it, read growing directions later, I say.  "pretty enough to grow trellised among flowers" it says.   That part I read. So I have this new to the garden little stand that looked like a natural trellis for something small and cute.  I bought the tub to grow carrots in but they've never made it in.  It fit in the stand.  In went the seeds, wily nily.   Watch this space to see if anything grows.   (Note, I dragged it into the sunnier vegetable garden.)

I like tractors, but the ugly red color of this one made me leave it in the shed for a season or two.   I thought of painting it blue.  But no, PINK is everything.  It is now beautiful.

Finally happy enough with the paint job on the pot and the flowers I did with stencils to spray with acrylic and it can get its pretty yellow tuberous begonia tomorrow when it is completely dry.

I've been out moving pots around and finishing painting projects etc, this week.   I am also trying to unclog so everything isn't all in one or two spots.   I got some nice ideas from the garden tour last weekend.

Now I'm moving things around all over.   Trying to spread the garden out, ha, without making it bigger!  It's looking better, but not quite perfect.

The vegetable garden, usually my best work in the garden is a weedy paradise.  Need that mulch!


Ye Pink Tractor with Bada Bing Rose Bicolor Begonia.   Pretty perfect..

Begonia "Sprint Plus Rose"

Black Petunias

Walmart thinks this is a metal outdoor serving tray, but if you drill drainage holes in it, it holds your pots nicely upright on a metal bench I never found a cushion for.

Hiemalis Begonia "Borias"

All the animal pots fit nicely on this stand, as it turns out.

Developing this area.  Brought patio bricks over from another spot to create a new place for pots to sit.

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