Monday, June 25, 2018

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom : Where The Dinosaurs Are The Good Guys

Here's a great summer movie, with all the thrills to be expected from Jurassic Park, but a bit more thoughtful than most.  I expected the whole film to be about getting the dinosaurs off the now volcanic island, but it was so much more.

Mustache twirling villains aside, there were questions about whether the dinosaurs should be saved, or allowed be allowed to be made extinct again.   You can easily imagine how such debates would go in today's world, even after the disastrous events in the park a few years ago.  Because we love those dinosaurs, do we not?  Particularly T-Rex.  Always try to save T-Rex if you can.

Great cast, my favorite being Maisie Lockwood played by Isabella Sermon.  Best little girl in a movie, ever.  So smart, quick and brave.   If I were small and watched this movie, I'd want to be her.   I think she'll inspire a lot of girls watching this film.

She's great in all her scenes, but in one near the end she makes the right decision, and changes the world.  Go Maisie go.   Let's hope the next film stars Maisie.

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