Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Law skeleton denied rights, will see the light of day no more

Ace skeleton spotter the Floating Lush submitted this sad-to-the-bone story of a happily kept Law School Skeleton who will no longer be able to gaze out the law library windows at the world below.

Formerly frivolous Flexible Fred, used by law students for research, was often dressed for the holidays or sporting events. He perched proudly in a window when he wasn't doing his day job.

A complaint from a neighbor that the skeleton was frightening her children (highly possible, alas) led to Fred being banished to a dim corner of the building.

A gruesome footnote to the tale caused even me to say eeewww, who knew?

Read the full story of Flexible Fred from the Columbus Dispatch here.

Behold, a Flickr photostream of a Flexible Fred, not necessarily the now famous Flexible Fred. Click click click.

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  1. Very interesting article. Your headline is quite an attention grabber! And, sadly, I'm jaded enough to say that the harvesting comes as no surprise to me.