Monday, October 17, 2011

TV Notes: Last Week's Edition

How time is flying!

Dancing with the Stars

Another snoozer of an episode. Missed most of it. What can I say. I did see pro Tony really being a twit to Chynna who seemed pretty wounded by his jerky behavior. I think she lost confidence in their partnership and it played out on the dance floor. I would have thought people would feel sorry for her, but noooo. Taking out the best dancers seems to be what we're getting this season. It will be sort of a farce to watch the finals with poor dancers stumbling the light fantastic.


The world's grossest challenge as the survivors have their hands tied behind their backs and they bite off roasted pig and spit it into a basket to be weighed. Spit. Meat stuck in teeth. Winners get to take their basket home...vomit city!

Cocky Ozzie, who looks like a dream but thinks like a bonehead gets his snuggle mate voted off in a blindside. Elise had no personality and nothing to offer on her own so no loss to the tribe, and a good strategic move orchestrated by villanous Jim.

Person of Interest

Good episode with a nice plot twist and an ending that we can only guess the outcome of. A dedicated doctor becomes the Person of Interest for a sexual predator who uses date rape drugs. As it turns out, she is actually stalking him. Very brave lady, determined to get vengeance at all costs. She had a great plan for ridding the world of her vermin-esque prey.

Terra Nova

Classic sci-fi plot with a remote science station that has fallen to some unknown organism. Can our heroes help figure out the cause and the cure in time?

I think the Malcolm character is becoming a bit too much of a punching bag, they need to give him some dignity.

Hints that the security chief has the hots for Commander Taylor.

At episode's end, Mira, the stylin' leader of the Sixers is revealed to have the ability to communicate with the future and get people sent through and who knows what else.

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