Monday, October 24, 2011

Once Upon a Time Premier

Once Upon a Time has an entire modern day town enchanted and full of unknowing fairy tale characters. The only people who know this secret are a boy named Henry, the wicked witch mayor of the town, and a doubting bail bondsman named Emma Swan.

The story wends back and forth between the modern day and fairy tale world, showing how things got to be so incredibly odd.

Standout characters are Emma, a tough girl who gave up a baby ten years ago; Snow White, a tragic but flawed princess; The Wicked Witch, who is scarier in her modern day politician's guise than in full witch regalia; and the nasty little character of Rumpelstiltskin, who is glowingly evil in the fairy tale past and in the modern day world.

In the opening, Henry shows up at Emma's door and asks her to come home to Storybrook with him. She obliges reluctantly but after a few rounds with Ms Witch, she decides to stay one week as Henry asks, just to see what things are really like in town.

In the fairy tale world, we see the wicked witch threatening a curse on all, which comes to fruition just as Emma is born to Snow White and Prince Charming.

Next week promises to show just what Snow White did to deserve such hatred from the witch.

The real stories behind the fairy tales will be told as the series plays out.

The weaving of old and new promises to be an interesting way of advancing the story. I am already rooting for Emma to be victorious in "the final battle". She's an underdog with a heroine just beneath the surface.

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