Sunday, October 9, 2011

TVNotes: Kind of a Blah Week

Kind of a blah week in the tv trenches.

Dancing With the Stars

I thought everyone danced well this week, gone were the obvious flubs. I couldn't guess who might go but I was surprised when it was Kristin Cavallari. She (was) one of the most promising dancers. I do watch the show to see people gliding effortlessly across the floor looking wondrous. Luckily I am not attached to anyone this season so I don't mind so much seeing someone really good get popped because they lacked personal oompf.


Stacey has got to be the grumpiest Survivor ever. I wasn't sorry to see her go at all. She never exibited any of the snuggly mom behavior I hoped for when she started. She was more like a scary "I'm to to whoop you" mom. Glad Christine beat her at Redemption so she can go poof from the show. Sheesh.

Person of Interest

Not a favorite episode, with a theme of returning vets robbing banks to make extra cash. Everyone was pretty unlikeable.
Small glimpse of Reese's old love (whom I had thought was dead) running into him and offering to try again with him.

Terra Nova

I admit I read all the reviews of the episode before watching and I was prepared to hate the episode, but I liked it. The family was much more normal and likeable, even the dad. They toned all the jerkiness out of everyone and it was more what I had hoped for in the first place--colonists dealing with the the incredible environment they were now living in. If they can stay on that path they'll be alright.

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