Sunday, July 22, 2012

San Diego Botanical Gardens

On our recent trip we did sightseeing of various kinds on the days we did not have Comic Con tickets.  One of the places we visited was the San Diego Botanical Gardens.   Located about 25 miles north of San Diego in the city of Carlsbad, I do not know why they called it the San Diego Botanical Gardens.

The gardens have a variety of areas representing areas of the world such as Africa where the type of flora displayed is grown.  I was struck by the size of the plants and by the rather bizarre forms.  It occurred to me as I walked along that anyone living in this area might easily grow up to write about planets with scary huge plant life.  How could you not?  Two plants I recognized from home that were the size of shrubs were a coleus and a geranium.  Very unreal to see that.

There were signs all over the gardens saying they were conserving water, growing things that didn't need much water...between those and the extemely arid landscape and the heat of the day, I was parched!

The crowds were plentiful that day. We suspected it was because it was Saturday and there was an INSECT FAIR.  I naturally was not eager to see that, but we walked every inch of the gardens including the buggy ones.

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