Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Secret World Initial Impressions

I installed this late in the evening and installation was long so I got little play time. I will try all three factions but after watching the video clips I went Dragon.

Not much customization for my character was available, but the character model itself was nicely done. Graphically sharp.

Interesting opening storyline wherein my character is snoozing away and some bug (obviously remotely guided) flies down her throat. She proceeds to have some rather dreamy sequences as she is indoctrinated into the Dragon society.

When you finally have control you follow some butterflies down a set of narrow city streets to a hotel. You get credit for objectives for following them. Obviously still in tutorial mode. At a hotel, things take a turn for the dopey. You go to a room where a giant Mr. Clean looking guy in droopy undies and full body tattoos (eek!) gives you a languid look, but he is sent away by a woman who gives you a little more explanation and a bit of gratuitous sex.

I did read reviews who said blah blah this is Funcom and there will be boobies and sex, but it adds nothing and detracts from an otherwise intriguing story. I'm hoping that the dominatrix scenes are few going forward because I like the modern setting and the RPG feel of the game otherwise. I've been looking forward to the game and its promised problem solving mystery elements. We shall see.

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