Monday, July 9, 2012

Almost Live! From Comic Con San Diego 2012

We will be at this year's Comic Con for two of the four days (we could only get two in their fiendish lottery system.).

I'll be giving reports from the Con with pics of the action.  There are tons of things to see at the exhibitors booths. 

I plan to have as empty a suitcase as possible on the way there so I may PACK it with goodies purchased on site. 

Mr. DOA has agreed to take pictures of me at the con (usually I take all the vacation photos and I have to wrench my companion's arms to take a quick photo of me and I always look like a dead angry gorilla).

Some highlights for me:

Eoin Colfer!!! of the Artemis Fowl books will be there.  Our whole family loves those books.

The Lego booth will have life size (I think)  statues of Bilbo and Gandalf made of Legos.

An Indiana Jones booth will let you get your picture taken with "a slither of snakes".

Lionsgate will have Hunger Games related panels and hopefully swag.

Blizzard will "showcase" WOW Starcraft and Diablo in a talk with developers.

Artist's alley with an array of artists and their wares.

Tony DiTerlizzi will be at a Mysterious Galaxy bookshop signing and on a panel.  I love his Wondla books in particular.

Warren Spector will be on a panel.  He will be talking about Epic Mickey 2, but I idolize him for his previous work and will be just dying to be in the same room with him breathing the same air :)

Mr. DOA will be taking SURF LESSONS.  DOA's camera crew will capture that event, never fear.

See you in San Diego!

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