Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Almost Live From Comic Con Arrival

Fair warning, written on my iPad aka the smoosher so sardine city till I can correct on my laptop. We knew we were headed in the right direction when a woman in the Minneapolis airport spent ten minutes posing and photographing her twelve inch high Gandalf statue in from of the Delta flight display boards.

The most Excellent Marigold Hotel was showing on board, which I watched with two dollar earbuds pressed into my ears so I could make out most of the dialogue. A sweet movie as I thought it would be.

Easy ride to the hotel,then off to the Town and Country Hotel to get our badges for tomorrow. Huge crowd out front so Rob dropped me off, while he parked. A monster crowd snaked through a huge reception room. The line moved fast considering there must have been several hundred people in the line. I thought Mr. DOA would never find me but all,of a sudden there he was, leaping the chain and right next to me. The security people were really nice and helped him find his way over to me. After the very quick badge procurement, we stepped into the next room. In the doorway we were offered wildly colorful lanyards. Just inside young men handed us two thick books. Most amazing of all we were handed huge (almost as tall as me...edit waist high) bags with Comic Con art on one side and a Superman logo or Hobbit logo on the other. Outside people were,unhappily trying to trade bags with the art from the show Supernatural on them. No way!

The morning schedule is packed with things I want to see running at the same time. Rats! I wrote down in my con notebook the twelve things I want to see most and there is no way to see them all. Additionally, the con book says there are over one thousand exhibitors. When can I see them if the rest of the schedule is so tight? This is literally the stuff dreams are made of.

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