Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Fear by Charlie Higson

The is the third title by Charlie Higson featuring a world where everyone over the age of sixteen has become a zombie.  Set in London as was the last title, it ties together a few of the groups of kids who have made fortresses against the zombies in the heart of the city.

The main view point has shifted to DogNut, second in command at the Tower of London who goes across the city to find the group of kids who left in a truck at the end of The Dead.  He hopes to find Brooke, who he fancies.  By his side is less attractive but faithful Courtney who of course secretly loves DogNut.

I read the first two novels The Enemy and The Dead together and the The Fear a year afterward so I'm not sure if this seems less action packed than the first two  because of that, or what.  There is another book in the works called The Sacrifice.  According to Higson, the series will cover seven books.

Despite the fact that I waited a year to read this, read through it like a fiend, then felt that nobody got anywhere...I'm avidly checking Higson's site for information and am thinking I should buy the Sacrifice via Amazon UK when it comes out in England in September of this year...eek.  Then a whole year won't go by and I'll feel more like I picked right up where I left off.  I like the plan.

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