Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Today in the Garden

It has been raining heavily but thank heavens not destructively for several days.  Everything is LUSH. It is a JUNGLE.   Here are some photos of the jungle:

Strawberry in Strawberry Pot!

Seedlings hardening off in a mini-greenhouse.  I keep finding adorable tree-frog things in the top row each morning.  I try putting them elsewhere in my veggie garden daily.

Purchased annuals and herbs airing out for the day.  They go in the greenhouse at night and the seedlings go in the garage since temps are in the low 50s!!!! at nite this week. Grrr.

One of my new daffodils (Prototype is the name). Adorable!

A poor shot of another new daffodil.  I'm moving everything out of this heavily defended (but the beagles still break in) garden this spring.

It looks better in person!  Those are daylily leaves nearby.

Perennials overwintered in the raised veggie bed. They'll go on the east side soon.

Some herbs, hens and chicks for the Fairy Garden and a new mini-greenhouse this year. It was only 24.88 but the plastic is very thin and rain had the roof sagging with water, yikes.

Last year's end of season windmill.  How I do love it.

Longview of the veggie garden.

A shiny RED garden tractor plant holder though it looks bizzaro yellow/orange here.

Spider Plant enjoying the great outdoors.

An "Umbrella tree" I think that suffered terribly indoors this winter.

Tsk. These are pink and white. Maybe Salome....

Nectarine in a pot.  I pull it into the garage in winter.  It has been potted for at least three years.  Might put it in ground this season and try protecting with burlap.

Bozos ready to assist.

My strawberry patch. Winter survivors.  A mix of everbearing and Pretty in Pink.  I ruthlessly snip runners so they don't go everywhere.   Cocoa bean mulch is great in the veggie garden though I had trouble finding any last year and I'm seeing none at all this year.

Foggy picture of my Peas :)

The east side greening up like mad. Moving everything from outside the fence in here this year and grassing/sodding in the front and side yards.  Secret garden indeed.

Poor little miniature evergreens and everything else in this bed.  I'll dig it all out properly and add plants from elsewhere.  It will look lovely. Stay tuned.

Pretty trees and hostas, nasty grass, woodland phlox and  dire anenome from Hades.

I need my whole garden to look like this and my veggie garden.  That's the goal.

One of my favorite plants in the world, white Bleeding Heart.

There is something gorgeous about a hosta unfurling.

A rain drenched peony emerging.  After a long bleak winter, this is why I garden.

A hardy geranium.  Green leaves that appear lightly dusted with silver.

Ignore that tag. This is Jacob's Ladder "Stairway to Heaven".

A beautiful white pine we planted from a three inch tall seedling when we moved in.

Hi Ho, a Fairy Garden has to start somewhere.

Tons of work to do, but this rain is getting everything off to a tremendous start.  My garden and I will be in great shape by the end of the season, right?


  1. Thanks for the lovely tour! We're supposed to get our mulch today, then I'll post fb pix of the back garden stuff.

  2. I have alot of moving and weeding to do before I can mulch. I'm looking forward to pictures from your garden!