Sunday, May 12, 2013

Pin This!

I took a class on beginning embroidery and am now able to work on lovely and charming little figures.

 I purchased a book recently called Little Stitches: 100+ Sweet Embroidery Designs 12 Projects by Aneela Hoey.

Aneela has a wonderful site that is mostly sewing and quilting but she has done some embroidery design as well. Visit Comfortstitching to see her lovely work.

Inside the book among other things was a picture of some adorable sewing pins with large colorful heads.  If your grew up in my household with my sewing mom, you knew that little silver sewing pins could be ANYWHERE and you should beware where you walked or sat.  If the pins were like the ones below, you could be assured you would see them before they got you.

Flower Head Pins

Button Head Pins

The only place I could track them down with my Ace Librarian Tracking Skills was a site called Nancy's Notions.

Don't get stuck without them!  Hahahahahaha.

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