Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Zzzzzz goes the Garden

I meant to bring my house plants and tender perennials into the house in August as is recommended, but here it is, October, and I'm racing to get them in and the garden put to bed by this Friday's frosts.

It is hard to undo such a lovely garden as I had this year, which is why I waited. It isn't because I'm some low lazy slug, nosiree...

I brought in way more plants than I intended.  We will see how they do.  I've tried to add extra lighting by them to make them happy as they can be over the long cold dark winter.  I hope it works!


  1. Good luck! Are you using plant lights? I've have good luck with them, except that the bulbs burn out quickly and I have to replace them. The bulbs will go into any lamp, BTW.

  2. No these are regular bulbs. I didn't know there were ones for a regular lamp, thought they were all the long shop type lights. I'll look for those, thanks!

  3. These are at Home Depot, but WalMart also carries them, I think.