Saturday, November 3, 2018

DOA In The Virtual Garden

Here's what looked lovely in the gardening world this week.

From Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, Purple Bok Choy.  I've never eaten Bok Choy, but I like the idea of ornamental edibles.   See below for a Baker Creek's Catalog link.

Also from Baker Creek, the Chinese Python Snake Bean, which looks big enough to make a whole side dish from a single bean.

I love lilies, and mine have all fallen prey to digging creatures over time.  These pretty pink lilies via the North American Lily Society make me think I should try some again.

From High Country Gardens, a gaillardia Mesa Peach.  Striking, though not peachy.

Via Gardener Sue's News, I always wanted to grow this plant, but thought all those tiny round tails would fall right off.

Aren't Ornamental Cabbages beautiful?   Here's where I can tell my tale of planting sixteen around the border of a garden one afternoon, and every single one was gone the next morning, sheared off and carried away.  I blamed the rabbits.   Maybe in a raised pot like this they could survive.

Via  Two Women and a Hoe, available from  Bakker

Via the Small Town Gardener, echinacea Granada Gold.  I love the new cone flower varieties, but have not had luck with them making it through the winter.

Via the Old Blue Bucket, wouldn't you love to find even one of these old cupboards?   She says she loves them but can only fit so many into her home, so this is in her potting shed.

Catalogs for the New Season

I'm seeing garden catalogs ready to order so you can dream away the winter.   I'll list them here as I see them.   You may wish to request:

Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company

They have a Whole Seed Catalog for 9.95 that you see on newsstands, (pictured above) or you can request a smaller free version

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