Thursday, November 29, 2018

DOA In The Virtual Garden

How about an Oriental poppy, so beautiful and delicate as paper?

If you like Christmas Cactus (and the variants) it's hard to find the colors you want, as local nurseries tend to sell them without much fanfare or selection.    Logee's Greenhouse to the rescue.

In the Conservatory, with the Houseplant Guru

I have come to love vining plants, but haven't tried a Black Eyed Susan type before.  The pink shades of this Blushing Black Eyed Susan Vine will change that.

Remember that giant bean that could be a whole meal?  For alternate days, try a gigantic Cellobunch carrot.

From John Scheepers, the gorgeous peony type tulip Angelique.   I've grown it in the past and it is really lovely.

I haven't tried many asters over the years, I'm not sure why.  This Lady Coral Lavender Aster from Johnny's may be worth taking a chance on.

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