Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The 20 Most Popular Twitter Users via Mashable

Mashable has an article about an alleged "accept bug" which would allow you to type in a command based Tweet and have anyone follow you on Twitter, even celebrities who would never think of acknowledging your existence in the Twitterverse.

The most popular target was Oprah, who beat out Obama and Lady Gaga (by a mere squeek on Gaga) amongst others.

My Twitter account comes and goes. I am currently confining my interests to book and garden related folks.

I'm still picking up a few sales and marketing followers, and I block them along with all of the girlz who have "hot pics" to share.

Twitter seems to have changed a bit. I find the Retweets of updates by people I'm not interested in to be pretty annoying.

Where it hasn't changed is in the lag, and the "oh no something went wrong" messages.

As always, I don't read Tweets much, but I do think I may have more totally useless Tweets out there myself than I have had in any previous incarnations.

I prefer Facebook where people can have semi-normal "conversations". The 140 character limit for a blah blah blah person like myself isn't quite enough.

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