Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Lost: Across the Sea

Finally an episode in the sixth season that I liked without reservations.

The cycle of ageless island guardians has gone on for millenia, perhaps? Who knows what drama played out with "Mother" and her predecessor? Mother seemed neither good nor evil, but she did find the dark side more personally appealing, I thought.

Jacob, who I have thought was an ambiguous character, was throughout a good and innocent character. Tossing MIB into the cave, not really knowing what would happen, was done in a fury over his mother's death. Understandable.

I felt bad for the Man in Black (still not named!) because he was an appealing character, and I felt for him in his struggle to leave and find out what was out across the sea.

So Smokey is not really MIB, but some awakened monster who stole his form, as he steals human forms over time. It makes sense that Smokey is an island guardian, but if he is not really the Man in Black, then he does not really have a desire to leave and "go home". All of his pleas for release are stolen from Jacob's brother's memories and hopes.

In the cave are lightness and dark (though the mom only talked about keeping the light safe.)

So....the mom gives Jacob a drink of wine from the famous wine bottle which represents evil being "corked"

"Take this cup and drink" a familiar ritual the mom echoes.

The knife that sticks to the chimney of unusual properties is the Man in Black's own knife, and it is also the knife the dogen gave to Sayid to give Flocke with? Whose knife killed Jacob then? How does this tie into Locke's long obsession with knives?

Jacob chooses the spiritual existence and MIB chooses the human, scientific existence. Both clearly chose for themselves.

Tsk, how will this end?

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