Monday, May 10, 2010

Iron Man 2

Iron Man 2 turned out be more fun than the first film. Tons of one liners by everyone in the cast (practically), action and explosions for the afficianado of such things, it is just the start the summer needs.

Tony Stark is as arrogant as he was last time around, but his slow death by poisoning made him vulnerable as well, and thus a bit more appealing.

Mickey Roarke as the villain Whiplash was oddly appealing too, just a guy out for vengeance for his dad, in a spectacular way. Nothing like an evil genius to round things out.

Justin Hammer, another villain but a weak and slimy one, needed some sort awful demise, flattened by a drone, or something.

I'm not a fan of AC/DC but "Highway to Hell" playing at the end as the credits rolled was juuuust right.

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