Friday, June 4, 2010

Prince of Persia: the Sands of Time

From the few reviews I read before going to see the movie, I expected it to be pretty badly done. Still, if you grew up watching every Science Fiction "B" movie you could as I did, you'd expect to like the film anyway. Your enjoyment of films, as with anything in life, wil be dependent on what you bring to it. I bring with me a huge love of adventure, fantasy, and good story.

I thought Prince of Persia was wonderful. It had elements of Arabian Nights stories and films, and it was true to the game world from which it came. Some games don't adapt well to other mediums. I think this film has all the elements that are enjoyable in the games, but the world is deeper and richer, and more time is spent on character.

The basic story: a street rat is brought to live as a son of the king after the king witnesses the boy rescuing another boy with great flair and acrobatic derring do. Dustan enjoys a good life with his family and is loved by his father and brothers.

When they are grown and on the road, they get word that the holy city of Alamut is making and selling swords to their enemy. They conquer the city and Dastan comes into possession of a dagger which can turn back time one minute. Having this does not stop his father from being murdered and Dastan getting blamed. Soon he is on the run from his own people with the princess Tamina in tow.

As they flee, Tamina reveals there is more than just the dagger at stake, and they must return to Alamut before the invading forces find the secret beneath the city that can stop time altogether.

I found Jake Gyllenhaal to be a fine Prince. If you've ever played the games, he is just the sort of easy going, smart talking character that I'd expect. He handled the amazing leaps and bounds across rooftops and along walls in pure princely fashion. He was charming with the princess and their banter was alot of fun.

The Prince of Persia: Sands of Time is full of action and romance but I also really liked the emphasis on family, honor and doing the right thing.

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