Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I've decided to enter the 21st Century as a reader and get a Kindle. One of our mystery book group readers has one and was quite enthusiastic and a staffer has one (and generously showed it to me) and with the new low Kindle price, perhaps the time is now.

One thing our staffer said that I liked alot was, if the price of a Kindle edition and the actual book are close, she gets the book. I love books and have too many, but what is life for?

Why get one at all, you say? I see lots of authors putting their own out of print titles out as Kindle Editions. It seems like wonderful opportunity to own some of those things you just can't get anymore.

In cases where you need a book for your book group fast and the waiting list at the library is over 400 people...zip, it is yours.

Also, since I learned about the Book View Cafe, I have wished that I could get some of those nice works of science fiction and fantasy right from a nice author consortium.

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