Friday, October 5, 2012

Elementary: While You Were Sleeping

Sherlock is a bit calmer and easier to take this week.  No doubt Watson is calming him down already.  The two of them are still very much at odds with each other and have not built a give and take so that they bounce ideas off of each other and work skillfully as a team.

Watson keeps probing to see what was at the root of Sherlock's supposed breakdown that landed him in rehab in NYC.  Sherlock probes back by hacking into her life and fooling with her relationship with her Ex.

The mystery this week was suitably convoluted and involved a fortune and previously unknown heirs popping up and getting dispatched.

Cleverly, the most likely suspect was in a coma for length of the show.  Had to be her, but how?

Nothing like an AA meeting to help Sherlock unravel this mystery.

Sherlock is playing his violin by episode's end.  A casual remark by Holmes that they have had take out five days in a row makes me think Mrs. Hudson is due to appear.  I'm sure the part is  already cast, but they need Hudson to be some burly ex sailor with even more tattoos than Sherlock and a cigar who happens to be a great chef.

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